Monday, January 25, 2010

Converting a Hotshot Lasgun

Here's how to make a hotshot lasgun that I've been using on my stormtroopers. I took inspiration from this picture that's in the 5th ed IG codex.

What you'd need.
Small files
Pin drill

I start by clipping off the sights making sure to leave a little bit of the rear casing.

Next chop the entire barrel off. Make sure to hold it so it doesn't go flying into space. You'll need it.
The trickiest part of this is getting the wings off. Make sure to use a new-ish blade and carefully shave it off. Watch out for those fingers. It doesn't need to be perfect right now.
Also chop the bayonette lugs off.

Push the blade in at an angle to make a notch. I do this in line with the pinky finger on the hand.

Shave the top edges of the casing to begin the rounding. Make sure to keep the notch that was made a hard edge. I shave one line, not worrying about roundness yet. If you look at the weapon from the top and break the casing into thirds, you're aiming to keep the center 3rd untouched and the other 2 are your shaved angles. That goes about the same looking at the sides but it's slightly taller. Continue to refine the edge until it's round. I do this by lightly filing and some x-acto scraping.

Chop the barrel to remove the little notch. Again make sure to hold it while you're cutting. It might need a little filing to make sure it's flat.
Next take an X-acto or something sharp to plot out pilot holes. This could be whatever pattern. I do 3 holes on each side, then 2 on the top in line with the gaps between the 3.

Once that's set drill out shallow holes

That's it for the gun. Next up is some optics. You could use whatever you like, or just leave it flat like the picture.

Take an IG heavy weapons optic. I use the squared glass end so make a triangle notch just behind the centerline. I use a round file to do most of the work.
Chop the other end off and continue shaping

That's it. Probably the most time consuming part of my plastic stormtroopers.
I'll try to continue this with a full stormtrooper, but the rest is pretty straight forward GS work.

Here's a completed Stormtrooper

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WIP stuff

A blob of WIP work for hosting on other sites.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


SSGT Baker. 1st Veterans Squad leader.
GySGT Harker Stand in.

Captain Grimalder. 74th Armored, C company
Knight Commander Pask Stand in.

Senior Navigator Preston
Astropath Stand in.

No name yet
Marbo Stand-in


She'll get some missile pods some day.

Command Section

Captain with Vox and Regimental Standard

74th Armored Div. 2nd Company, 1st Squad

1 more Leman Russ on the way.

Company command tank.

My first tank (and first model) Needs to be renumbered

Sentinel Support


Veterans Platoon

3rd Veterans Squad in progress. Storm troopers or Grenadiers.

1st Platoon

Platoon command needs a new flamethrower and vox.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm starting this thing for a more permanent display of my projects and a way to stop messing with photobucket. I'll be reshooting all of my Guard models in the next few days and sticking them in here.