Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IG Updates

1st Heavy Weapon Squad done

Updated Infantry Platoon

My current project is a Marbo conversion and more autocannons. Here he is ready for paint.


  1. Coming along nicely. I like the demo charge and the camo cape around the shoulder. Perfect face for Marbo, too.
    I like the effect you were going for with twisting his torso to the side. It looks a bit too far though.

  2. That's a very dynamic pose. I like it, reminds me of a samurai charging towards the fight. Really cool!

  3. Wait...didn't you post this figure, already painted, in January? I was just looking at a second ago. Is this a different one?

  4. Thanks guys.

    Hessler, I stick new stuff into old posts for the sake of organization. You caught me before I posted he was done!

  5. That's a great pose you've pulled off there, he looks like he's in the thick of the action. Great stuff!